About Us

Elite Vision is a E-commerce import, wholesale & retail company that provides the latest IT technology, Gaming, CCTV Security, Home/Office products just to name a few. Our aim is to provide high quality technology products at the cheapest prices for our customers. We cater for everyone - From the individual customer  to the small, medium or large business including Government. Elite Vision has a growing list of all the latest products & Brands. 

Before making a purchase please register as a customer.

Elite Vision is a family owned and operated business. We remeber buying retail when it comes to these products and that's why our aim is to bring them to you the customer cheaper

Our staff have a passion for technology.

Once you have made a purchase we aim for a quick delivery. Delivery times vary depending upon the location of the delivery. It the product you want to purchase is in stock for customers with a delivery address in Metropolitan New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland we will get the product to you within hours. It takes slightly longer for delivery addreses in Western Australia, Nothern Territory, South Australia and all country areas Australia wide. Our aim is to have warehouses in all states to accommodate the growing market demand. 

We are here to help you get the product that you have been looking for. Our website is frequently updated with new products and sales. If we don't have the product you want in stock we offer back ordering. For new incoming stock Pre-ordering is also available. You can also email the product you are interested in and we will get it for you if it is availible to us. 

We look forward to you visting our store reguarly.

Thank you.

Elite Vision